These are your daily homework assignments


January 20, 2004   


Your only homework before next class is:


Write Journal 2—which is explained in your journal list for the semester


And get access to a computer. Get on the internet, and go to this website:



January 25,  2004


Read Chapter 2 and complete practice 5 and 7.  Also write Journal 2 for next class.



January 28,  2004


Read Chapter 6 and complete practice 1,3,6 and 7 on pages 76-83.  Write your 20 sequential sentences about one topic. 




Feb 4, 2004          Write Do practices 1 on page 191 and practice 3 on page 193 in your book.



Feb 5, 2004          Please write these four compound sentences, and write four complex sentences:   two compound sentences (four sentences total) that are joined using the BOYSFAN rule and two compound sentences that are joined using a semicolon. Then write two complex sentences that follow the HCF pattern and two complex sentences that follow the FH pattern.



Feb 17,  2004       Please be sure to Write A Journal for this week. Also, try to work through Chapter 28 in your book dealing with

 commas. You will not pass in these practices, but you will pass in the journal.